Wanted Bloggers

Welcome to ExpatScope Manila

We are an exciting news and media platform name ExpatScope Manila part also of a new global expat network ExpatScope.Com and with a growing number of new visitors/users on our website and social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Interest).

We are looking for passionate bloggers where they will able to express their creativity on our media platform dedicated to the local Expat community and smart Filipinos alike.

You have  a successful blog already, and maybe you would like the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience? That’s why we love to hear from you and any blog idea that you may have as blogging on a different topic with ExpatScope Manila and can help drive traffic to other websites where you publish content.

To be our blogger, you could write anything, about your town, local news or about any aspect of living where you do that’s close to your heart. You don’t have to write alone – if you and a friend or partner – or even a small group – would like to share the writing of a single blog, that’s fine too.
Editorial exclusivity rules do not really apply on our site, we can publish anything from anywhere, as long it’s mentioned the source of it at the bottom of your post blog. However,  as mention we do appreciate original blog with a different topic and preferably related to Expat Life in the Philippines.

Let us know if you are interested, we can give you a specific space or a unique section for your posts, absolutely free, anything, it’s possible, that is a unique opportunity to reach a very wide audience, don’t miss it!

Contact us with any blog post you like to be post with us and we get back to you at the soonest, thanks

Juan Don Dela Cruz, expatscope.manila@gmail.com