Mountains to Climb for Beginners

Is’t in your bucket list to climb a mountain in 2017? Here are the 15 mountains good for beginners and wants adventure.

  1. Mt. Daguldol – San Juan, Batangas


The shoreline at the foot of the mountain makes Mt. Daguldol a mainstream visitor spot. The trail is additionally fixed with Nipa cottages as rest stops which offers frosty refreshments. The inviting local people likewise make it simpler for tenderfoots to climb the mountain.

2. Mt. Talamitan – Nasugbu, Batangas


Mt. Talamitam is said to be one of the simplest mountains to climb on account of its level landscape. It is additionally considered as Mt. Batulao’s more youthful sister, since, you know, even mountains are relatives here in the Philippines.

3. Mt. Manalmon – San Miguel, Bulacan


The mountain just takes 40 minutes to a hour to climb, which leaves explorers more opportunity to appreciate different exercises like spelunking, intersection the monkey extension, and swimming in the Madlum stream.

4. Mt. Pamitinan – Rodriguez, Rizal


Mount Pamitinan has somewhat more troublesome trail to experience, however in the event that you’re up for the test, there are bamboo trunks which you can use to secure your hold. The trail is additionally comprised of vast rocks, which is extraordinary for explorers who’d jump at the chance to attempt shake climbing.

5. Mt. Galugod Baboy – Anilao, Batangas


“Gulugod baboy” signifies “pig’s spine” and it’s precisely what the mountain’s trail takes after. Following a 1.5-hour climb, explorers can appreciate picturesque perspective of the Batangas and Balayan Bay.

6. Mt. Manabu – Sto. Tomas, Batangas


Mount Manabu offers a simple, short trail—fledglings can achieve the summit inside two hours in ordinary pace. At its pinnacle, explorers can appreciate a wide, cultivate like campground where they can unwind and, obviously, bring photographs with the enormous white cross which denote the summit of Manabu.

7. Mt. Tibig – Lobo, Batangas


Like Mt. Manabu, Mt. Tibig’s pinnacle can likewise, it will take you two hours. The inhabitants are likewise exceptionally friendly and offer climbers their home for when they have to rest. Great Filipino neighborliness.

8. Mt. Balagbag – Rodrigues, Rizal


Another mountain near the metro, Mt. Balagbag is a part of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. The trail has a gradual ascend so it’s easy for beginners to climb.

9. Mt. Makiling – Los Baños, Laguna


As indicated by legend, the mountain’s watchman is the renowned fanciful figure Maria Makiling, consequently the name. While going on the trail—the one from the University of the Philippines Los Baños being the simpler one—explorers may recognize a couple natural life animals living richly here and there.

10. Mt. Batulao – Nasugbu, Batangas


If you’re in for a day-hike or a weekend camping with friends, Mt. Batulao would be a perfect hiking destination. With a few rest stops here and there, Batulao offers a great view of the Balayan Bay and a few dinosaur spine-like rock formations.

11. Pico De Loro – Maragondon Cavite & Nasugbu, Batangas


Pico de Loro is a beginner’s favorite because of its friendly trails, fantastic views, and a photo opportunity on its famous monolith.

12. Mt. Pinatubo – Pampanga, Zambales, and Tarlac


A dynamic volcano in the island of Luzon, Mount Pinatubo has been damaging in the mid 90’s. Today, it is acclaimed not for what it’s done previously, but rather for it’s great cavity lake called Lake Pinatubo. A pleasant update how something so damaging in the past can at present be wonderful.

13. Mt. Samat – Pilar, Bataan


This mountain is so natural to climb that you can ride your auto to achieve the summit. In any case, if your New Year’s determination is to be more fit, then dump the auto and pass by foot. On top is a National Shrine worked out of appreciation for Filipino and American officers amid the World War II.

14. Mt. Daraitan – Tanay, Rizal


More or less two hours away from the metro, Mount Daraitan is known for its limestone formations and the breathtaking view of the Sierra Madre range once you reach the summit. And a refreshing dip in the clear waters of Tinipak river after the hike.

15. Mt Pulag – Benguet, Ifugao


Mount Pulag is the third highest mountain in the Philippines and has various trails hikers can choose from. The friendliest trail for beginners though is the Ambangeg trail from Benguet, although the Department of Environment and Natural Resources requires hikers to submit medical certificates just to ensure if they’re fit for the climb. Hikers climb Mt. Pulag mainly for two reasons—to experience the cold weather, and to witness the rolling sea of clouds.



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