New McDonald's branch in Tagaytay has amazing view of Taal Lake

McDonald’s opened another branch along Tagaytay Calamba Road in Tagaytay City on Sat, Dec 10. Also, we need to state, it must be the fast food chain’s most dazzling branch in the nation in this way.

What makes it diverse? For one thing, it has an astounding perspective of Taal Lake — ideal for a speedy nibble break amid your Tagaytay trip.

It helps that this branch, dissimilar to other McDonald’s stores in Metro Manila, is really implied for relaxing. It has an in the open air for the individuals who truly need to appreciate the picturesqye Taal Lake see.

It was inspired by Tagaytay’s laid-back vibe and unrivaled views. Its interiors are made of raw concrete, brick, and wood, which accentuate the natural beauty of the area.

This new branch likewise has a whole floor committed for McCafe, the ideal spot for your Tagaytay selfie!




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