Find out about the different types of visa required when moving to or living in the Philippines…


Non-immigrant visas

Temporary Visitor’s Visa – for visitors from countries whose nationals require a visa and who are travelling to the Philippines for holiday, business, or health reasons (as long as the person does not have a contagious or dangerous disease). Valid for 30 days.

Student Visa – for foreign students who will take up a course at a University, or other further education institution in the Philippines. Find out more about student visa applications.

Temporary Resident Visa

  • Temporary Resident Visa by Marriage – for foreign nationals whose country has no existing reciprocity agreement with the Philippines.
  • Temporary Resident Visa for an Indian Married to Filipino – for Indian nationals married to a Philippine citizen

Pre-arranged Employee Visa (Commercial) – for foreign nationals coming to the Philippines for the purpose of employment with a Philippines-based company. This visa is valid from one to three years. This type of visa usually takes approximately 40 days to process.


Pre-arranged Employee Visa (Non-commercial) – for foreigners engaged in religious or humanitarian activities. This visa is valid from one to three years. The visa may be extended for a further one to three years, for up to ten years in total.

Treaty Trader’s/Treaty Investor’s Visa – for foreign nationals from the USA, Japan and Germany who are entering the Philippines for trade or commerce purposes.

Accredited Official of Foreign Government – for officials of a foreign government recognized by the Philippine government, including their dependents and employees.

The Philippines government website has much information about all the types of visa available and how to go about applying for a non-immigrant visa.


Immigrant visas

Quota visas – there are a limited number of visas available to nationals of countries with diplomatic arrangements that grant the same immigration privileges for Filipinos under the principle of reciprocity.

Permanent residency visa – through valid marriage to a Filipino national (for countries with a reciprocity agreement such as South Korea and China).

In addition to a visa, foreign nationals coming to work in the Philippines must apply for the relevant work permit.



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